Agree to Disagree: Debating Eli Manning’s HOF future

With the Tuesday announcement that the New York Giants have decided to bench longtime starter Eli Manning in favor of rookie phenom, Daniel Jones, it appears that the career of the former as a starter is likely in the books. After taking a day to process it all, we were left with the question of how to evaluate the career of Manning and his legacy.

To put it all in perspective I have decided to bring in the USN Reporter who watched his career most closely, Giants Reporter Jesse Tully, to tell us why he will be a hall of famer without question. I have also invited USN Vice President and Eagles Reporter Justin Polasek in to discuss his candidacy and why he is not a hall of famer.

The Case for Manning

Eli Manning is 100% a Hall of Fame Quarterback. He has the resume, the respect, and most importantly the hardware. The fact that I even have to write this is disrespectful to all that Eli has accomplished but alas people still question whether or not this man has done enough to be put in Football immortality. So for those questioning this please read this.

So far in 16 seasons Eli has amassed the 7th most passing yards (50,092) and 8th in most passing touchdowns (342) but sure let’s knock him with all his interceptions (241) which ranks 14th all time. But first let me enlighten you that Drew Brees has throw only 5 less interceptions than Eli and Brees is considered one of the most accurate passers of all time. Eli also has the 2nd longest consecutive start streak with 210 straight starts. Granted people are going to talk about his 116-116 career record but might I remind you Football is the ultimate team game and Jerry Reese put some absolutely horrible teams together. Eli’s record is very different once Reese took over from 2004-12 his W-L was 78-57 meanwhile from 2013-19 his W-L 38-59. So I disregard the record argument. 

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Eli Manning has a Playoff record of 8-4 to go along with his 2 rings. During his first Super Bowl run he just did this little thing like beat Tom Brady and the 18-0 New England Patriots in one of the biggest underdog stories in NFL history . It also featured one of the most iconic plays in NFL history! Eli Manning remarkably escaping a sack and throwing to David Tyree who made a circus helmet catch. Then 4 years later Eli had one of the most heroic playoff runs of all time.

The most notable was when he got his ass kicked against San Francisco in the NFC Championship game but he just kept getting up. Eli showed how tough he was and continued to get up and execute, eventually leading the Giants to another Super Bowl appearance. In that Super Bowl Eli beat “the goat” Tom Brady AGAIN! Eli also had a huge play in this one too, dropping an absolute dime to Mario Manningham on the sideline en route to the go ahead Touchdown. Eli wasn’t just a QB who rode a good defense and running game, he lead his team to victory. There’s a reason he was named MVP in both Super Bowls.

Only 5 players since 1964 have won multiple Super Bowl MVP’s they are, Tom Brady (4), Joe Montana (3), Bart Star (2), Terry Bradshaw (2), and Eli Manning (2). In every sport people are always discredited for Post Season failures but why do we not want to elevate Eli for his Post Season dominance? Doesn’t make sense to me either

By Unfiltered Sports Network Giants Reporter Jesse Tully

The Case Against Manning

Is Eli Manning a Hall of Fame Quarterback? No.

Eli Manning has been great at staying healthy. In 16 years, he’s never missed a single game due to injury. Now that is no small feat, but of those 16 years, only 8 of them have finished above .500. Eli has a career record of 116-116. He isn’t even a winning QB. He’s lead the league in interceptions 3 times. Giving Eli a jacket would be nothing more than a participation trophy. If you ask me, you have to do more than participate to get into the Hall. You have to be a player that opposing teams fear when they play against. Eli has never been that.

Teams may have quivered in fear when they saw Manning on the schedule, but as soon as they saw the first name, they breathed that sigh of relief. Eli has never done anything worthy of getting out of his brothers ginormous shadow. At no point in his career has Eli ever been considered a top 3 QB, much less THE top QB. Eli is 7th all time in passing yards and 8th in passing touchdowns, but he’s also 6th in passing attempts, so those first two rankings shouldnt be too big of a surprise. Eli has been an average QB his entire career.

I dont like to put a lot of stock into stats, but for a pure pocket QB, such as Eli, the Yards Per Attempt(YPA) stat is more than fair to use, so let’s see how he fares. In 2011, Eli had his best YPA season, which was 8.4. He was barely a top 5 QB in the category that year, coming in at #5. Eli currently has a career YPA of 7.01. Between the time Eli was drafted and now, the NFL average YPA is 7.07.

The only QB’s in the HOF with a lower YPA are George Blanda and Troy Aikman. Blanda made the HOF as a 3 time AFL Champion, and averaged a YPA of 6.72. However, the league average during his tenure was 6.79. Aikman made the HOF as a 3 time Superbowl Champion, who had a YPA of 6.99, while the league average for his time was 6.81.

Speaking of champions, Eli has done what many others have failed to do, and that’s beat Tom Brady’s Patriots in the Superbowl. Certainly can’t take those rings away from him, but Brad Johnson, Mark Rypien, Jeff Hostetler, and Trent Dilfer have all won rings as well, that doesnt make them HOF QB’s. It takes more. You have to be a name worth remembering. If Eli’s last name wasn’t Manning, it wouldnt be worth remembering.

By Unfiltered Sports Network Eagles Reporter & Vice President Justin Polasek

You decide

Now that we have heard both sides of this passionate debate, it’s time for you to decide! Is Eli a Hall of Famer

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