Baker Mayfield vs Daniel Jones: Why is the even a story?

On a day when the Cowboys resigned star linebacker Jaylon Smith, and teams were in full force figuring out their 53 man rosters, the top news story of the day was Baker Mayfield commenting on the New York Giant’s selection in the 2019 NFL Draft. Here were his comments from the GQ Magazine interview:

Which understandably made the internet explode. There were those that were upset by the comments.

As well as those who took to twitter to defend Mayfield.

More to the Story?

Mayfield took to instagram to clarify his comments on the quote. “This is not what I said…….Just to be Clear. I also said that I was surprised that I got drafted number one. Then was talking about the flaws in evaluating QB’s when I brought up that winning was important. Reporters and media will come up with anything to get a story, Heard nothing but good things and wish the best for Daniel.”

Now with the benefit of context, this appears to be a whole lot of nothing. In the End this is why we at the Unfiltered Sports Network waited to report this story.

Baker Mayfield is beloved by players and fans because he doesn’t follow the script, he different, authentic and Unfiltered. Never Change Baker

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