Best Games (and worst) of Week 1

As we venture into the start of the of the 2019-2020 NFL season, there will be plenty of big games to watch every Sunday, and the occasional Monday and Thursday. In this article, we’re going to analyze the first week of the season and pick the best games to tune in to so that you’re not missing any of the action. And for those of you who have to explain every shift at the line and every penalty called, we’ve got the most boring games to watch this week. Don’t worry, we aim to please everyone.

Best of Week 1 :

Titans @ Browns, Sun, 9/8

You don’t have to hide your excitement Browns’ fans. We officially live in a world where fans of the Cleveland Browns no longer have to wear the disgraceful paper bags over their faces. There is hope in Cleveland people, and it isn’t because of LeBron James! Odell Beckham in a Cleveland Browns uniform will take some getting used to, but I’m sure that will change when we see Baker Mayfield tossing him touchdown passes. The defense in Cleveland is growing into a beast full of fresh young talent, and the offense is in prime position to change gears. I hate to be so down on the Titans, but this game is all about the new-look Browns. The expectations have never been higher in Cleveland. This could be a franchise year.

Steelers @ Patriots, Sun, 9/8

The Steelers and Patriots are going to meet in the first week of the season this year, and we don’t know what we’ve done to deserve such favor from the NFL. This could be the game of the year. These two teams have had some classic battles over the past few seasons, and this one should be no different. There’s no Gronk or AB in this contest, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the two teams that have been mainstays atop the AFC will be lacing up their cleats to meet Sunday night in prime-time. Brady will be entering his 20th season looking to silence all the questions about his age. Like last year wasn’t enough to quiet the doubters. Big Ben will be trying to get the Steelers back on track after a meltdown last year, and this will be the perfect opportunity to do so.

Texas @ Saints, Mon, 9/9

Deshaun Watson is coming into the year fully healthy, and the Texans have big expectations this year. Deandre Hopkins will be a beast and post another 1,000 yard year. The Texans defense, even without Jadeveon Clowney, will still be good. The big question is: Will they be good enough to stop the Saints? Drew Brees has been carving and slicing through NFL defenses like butter his whole career, and there has got to be frustration coming from the Saints after last years horrendous debacle in the NFC Championship game. Michael Thomas will be looking to burn the Texans’ defense, and you can expect that he will top 1,000 yards this year as well. This game is going to have big implications of how serious the Texans are this year about taking the next step, and it will show just how much the Saints are going to terrorize the league this year.

Bonus Pick: Lions @ Cardinals, Sun, 9/8

You really didn’t think I wouldn’t mention Kyler Murray’s big debut this Sunday? Let’s be clear: The Cardinals are not ready to compete for much of anything but high draft picks for the draft next year. But that doesn’t mean we all won’t be watching to see just what Murray has to offer in Kliff Kingsbury’s air raid offense. We know he was able to do amazing things with both his arms and legs at Oklahoma, but this is the NFL, and the world will be watching to see how he adjusts to life on the big stage.

Worst Games of Week 1

And now we’ve finally reached the games where most of you would rather be napping than watching. These are the worst games of week 1, and trust me, you probably won’t be watching.

49ers @ Buccaneers, Sun, 9/8

Do I have to explain this one? The only reason anyone would turn this one on is to see just how much of a mistake the 49ers made by paying Jimmy Garoppolo all that money. Oh, and don’t forget about the two or three inevitable Jameis Winston “What the hell was that” plays that will be sure to make an appearance. Get comfy in the recliner for this one.

Chiefs @ Jaguars, Sun, 9/8

Chiefs’ fans, don’t go getting your feelings all hurt by this one. I promise the Jaguars are the only reason why you’re here. The most entertaining thing about this game will be how many yards and points Kansas City has before halftime. If you’re into horror movies, this will be the perfect game for you. If you’re wanting an actual competitive game, please look elsewhere. Looking for a window to rest up before the real games start on Sunday? This is the perfect opportunity. For an added bonus, be sure to tune into Jalen Ramsey’s post-game interview (it will be the best part of the game).

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