Buy or Sell for Week 1

This week, we are going to be taking a look at the most dazzling, the most disappointing, and the most surprising performances of the first week of the season. We’re going to try and help you get a good read on whether or not you should buy into the hype of some of these performances, or if you should sell those pipe dreams. We all know that Lamar Jackson won’t pass for 5 TDs every week this year, and Dak Prescott won’t be “perfect” every week either, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t be buying into these performances. Let’s take a closer look at what we saw the first week of the season.

The Dallas Cowboys Offense/ Dak Prescott

Both the offense and the Quaterback were so impressive the first week of the season, that we had to give them to you in a bundled package! Dak Prescott did his best Oprah impression with his “you get a touchdown, you get a touchdown…” performance on Sunday. Kellen Moore took the first, and sometimes most difficult step, into justifying his hiring as the Offensive Coordinator. This was the first game and you can believe that the offense, no matter what they looked like, didn’t execute everything he planned to perfection.

That is a scary thought. The most disappointing thing about the whole game for the Cowboys was the fact that their leading receiver for the game, Michael Gallup, didn’t get in the end-zone. Kellen Moore seems to have a monster brewing offensively in Dallas, and I truly believe they could have put up 50 or more against the Giants if they really wanted to.

Everyone is saying that the Giant’s defense is just that piss-poor, but I beg to differ. The Cowboys offense could be just that good. They have weapons at every position, and that offensive line is an impenetrable fortress. If they can be a third of how good they were on Sunday in every game, we could be getting some 90’s nostalgia with this team. Imagine that kind of performance, gift wrapped with a 100 plus yard performance by Zeke. It would be a thing of beauty week in and week out.

Consistency is key for this team, and you can’t help but feel like any team has enough bodies to stop every weapon on this new-look Dallas offense. Dak looked different out there. His throws, his accuracy, his timing, his poise, his presence; it all felt different on Sunday. If that’s the Dak Prescott coming out of the locker room every Sunday, these Cowboys could run the table come January.

Verdict: Buy

As I stated before, this is a very different Dallas team than we’ve seen over the years. They may very well be better than the team Prescott and Zeke led in their rookie years, and we all know how good that team was. No, it won’t be that gorgeous every week, but from what we saw from Dallas over on the sidelines during the game, they want it to be. Guys were smiling, talking, breaking down plays, celebrating one another. That’s one of the key ingredients of a championship pedigree. The Dallas Cowboys believe they can accomplish something this season, and the Dallas Cowboys believe in each other. This team looked sure of it’s identity. Kellen Moore has transformed this offense. Buy into this one like it’s Buy One Get One Free.

Running Back: Lamar Jackson

If Lamar Jackson keeps playing like he did, he’s going to go down as the greatest running back in NFL history. Seriously, all jokes aside, nobody’s calling him a running back now.

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