Eagles vs Falcons Week Two, Battle of the Birds in ATL

Two birds entered the battlefield last Sunday, both teams were down by a lot, one team stayed down being beaten down by a Viking axe. While another team took the arrow in their chest and stabbed it into their opponent. The Falcons were the team that stayed down, the Eagles were the team that avenged in the 2nd half.

This week is a very interesting week, before the season started this was my projected NFC Championship game, I really like the Falcons and the Eagles on paper I think they are both balanced but have talents at almost all positions. I wouldn’t be surprised if this game is played again in January 2020.

The Falcons:

The Falcons last week did not look like the team I envisioned them to be, they were very weak on all three stages on the game. However, this game will be a little different because the Falcons will be back at home and the Philly native Matt Ryan has always been a better quarterback in Atlanta. I think that the Falcons home advantage will be a big thing for them this week.

We are going to see a different style of offense under new Falcons OC Dirk Koetter, the Falcons do prefer passing over rushing only running it 14 times compared to 46 passes. I think that the Eagles biggest weakness on their entire team is their pass defense which should be heavily attacked this week against Matt Ryan and Julio Jones.

The Falcons on defense have a great roster on paper, Grady Jarrett is a star on the defensive line, Deion Jones in the LB core is a great thing because of his speed and versatility in coverage. The Falcons do have a few good play makers in there defensive back group, Desmond Trufant and Keanu Neal are studs at their respective position, and will be good competition against the stout Eagles WR core.

The Eagles:

The Eagles coming into week two have a lot of confidence, having a very strong second half against the Redskins is the reason why. The offense was on point for the second half, especially the passing game. The rushing attack for the Eagles wasn’t as good as I hoped, however, I did see a few really good moments from Miles Sanders, Darren Sproles, and Jordan Howard especially on the touchdown that was disregarded due to holding by Miles Sanders.

Game Preview:

I think this will be a very entertaining game to watch, as both teams matchup well against each other. I think that for the Falcons side of it, the aerial attack will be a focus against the weak Eagles secondary. For the Eagles, they need to attack the Falcons offensive line, with rookie guard Chris Lindstrom out, the Eagles should utilize that important matchup.

Player to Watch:

Speaking of Lindstrom being out, my player to watch this week is Timmy Jernigan. I really like his matchup taking over for Malik Jackson, and against the Falcons OL will be a good matchup for him. Last week we saw Jernigan get a sack, I think he can improve on that performance this week.

Score Prediction:

The last few Eagles-Falcons games have been close and low scoring, I think this game will break the trend, both teams have very talented offenses that can score points. Even though the Falcons didn’t live up to that last week, I think they have the potential to burst this week. However, I think the Eagles will fly home from Atlanta happy and be victorious.


Eagles 33 Falcons 28

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