Fantasy Football: 3 Overvalued Quarterbacks to avoid

It’s that time again, the season and by extension the fantasy season, are starting to get underway. After doing approximately 100 mock drafts, and burying myself in a mountain of research, I have compiled a list of potential players to target based on their ADP, as well as some to avoid. We already covered Quarterbacks to Target here, so here are the Quarterbacks to avoid.

Note: All ADP’s are based on PPR Format drafts.

3) Drew Brees

  • ADP: 87
  • Position Rank: QB7

Disclaimer: Drew Brees is the best QB in the NFL. This is fantasy football though and QB’s that don’t run, or have a ton of passing volume shouldn’t be drafted ahead of players like Carson Wentz, Cam Newton, and Jared Goff.

2) Tom Brady

  • ADP: 127
  • Position: QB16

On a list that talks about overvalued players to avoid, why put a 6 time super bowl champion QB with a bottom of the barrel ADP on the list? Do I just hate great QB’s? No. Brady isn’t placed here due being way overvalued, it’s based off the fact that he is being drafted ahead of Lamar Jackson, Dak Prescott, Phillip Rivers, Kirk Cousins, and Josh Allen, all of whom will likely outscore Brady without Rob Gronkowski and possibly Josh Gordon.

1) Aaron Rodgers

  • ADP: 51
  • Position Rank: QB4

Last year I listed Rodgers as my number 1 QB to avoid, and I was blasted for it, that’s because Rodgers was QB1 and in many drafts was a top 30 pick. This year Rodger’s stock has fallen a bit, so why is he back on this list? He only has one reliable target, is learning a new offense, is aging, and has a 38% chance of injury according to The main reason is his ADP, with the depth at the position there is almost no reason to take a QB this early in the draft. Of all of the QB’s being selected in the top 75 picks, Rodgers has by far the highest chance of busting.

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