Fantasy Reaction to Packers Bears


Allen Robinson was my overall number one winner for this game. Mitchell Trubisky looks really bad but on the bright side he just throws it up to Robinson and gives him a chance. If he stays healthy he could be a low end WR one, buy low if possible.

Jimmy Graham could be a decent start at tight ends for the first time in years. He caught the only touchdown in Thursdays game and had a few other targets. Maybe if he wasn’t playing such a good defense he would’ve had more catches. Wouldn’t be the worst tight end you could plug and play.

Both the Packers and Bears defenses were huge winners tonight. The only thing that kept the game interesting were two things. One, Mitchell Trubiskys awful throws and two, the amount of sacks these guys had. I would love either one of these defenses and happy to start either one every week.


I mentioned him a few times, Mitchell Trubisky. He has such a talented head coach, good players around him, and an outstanding defense. I just think overall, he is not good. If he is your starting QB it is time to look elsewhere. I know its early and he played a good defense but he missed throws and straight up didn’t see wide open receivers.

Aaron Jones did not have a good night. I do think playing the modern day “monsters at the midway” did play a part in it but also Jamaal Williams played a lot of snaps. Also, he did limp off the field but he did return. I’m not ready to give up on Jones but if the right trade comes along I would absolutely consider it. Have caution because people in your league might send some low ball trades, don’t accept them.

The Bears back field. It seemed like they had one back for every down. First down it was the rookie, second down was the vet in Mike Davis, and third down was the do it all back in Cohen. Cohen also seemed to play a lot of slot receiver. He is the one I am the most high on for at least now. I believe Davis will start to lose touches and will soon not have a role.

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