Groh Gotta Go, Why the Philadelphia Eagles need to make a change at their offensive coordinator

This season has been absolutely miserable, every game it seems we get down very early, which is all game planning. Also, with all of the drops and plays that receivers should’ve made, we’re letting Carson Wentz down. And, I think because of that, the Eagles need to get back to their 2017 style, which included Frank Reich and John DeFilippo, the Eagles need creativity in the offensive gameplans, and since Groh has become the OC, the Eagles seem to get worse and worse.

Even though Doug Pederson is the play caller, Mike Groh still has a significant part in this offense. And, since he became the offensive coordinator, the offense has gone weaker by the day. The Eagles are 23rd in offensive yards per game and 14th in scoring per game. That is not good enough for the personal we have.

Another huge issue, is the offensive can never score in the first quarter. The gameplan going into each game are not working, and the Eagles have to play from behind, which hinders our rushing attack. The Eagles have to find a way to gameplan better.

The answer to that in my opinion, is an in season coaching change, firing Mike Groh and promoting QB coach Press Taylor to the interim offensive coordinator position. Press Taylor I think is the right man for the job because of his creativity in the offense.

If Press Taylor works out, then I would have him be the full time offensive coordinator, however, if he doesn’t work out, I’d look at guys like Kevin O’Connell, Ben McAdoo, or a dark horse would be Randy Hedberg.

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