NFL coaching hotseat 2019

Will the NFC East experience a big shake up? Is there any big name coaches who’s jobs are on the line?

With the NFL season starting this week, we will see many teams flourish this year, but we will also see teams who look like they are about to hit the panic button, and by hitting that button, those teams will fire their coach. Here are the few most likely guys who could be on the hotseat this year.

Jay Gruden:

Jay Gruden is one of the greatest arena football players of all time, and possibly coaches of all time. He was great in that league, but it hasn’t transfered as well into the NFL. Gruden did a good job as an assistant coach with the Buccaneers and the Bengals, which lead him to the Washington Redskins job in 2014.

During his time in Washington, Gruden has been very hot and cold, Gruden wasn’t able to resurrect Robert Griffin III’s career, but, he did a really good job developing 2012 fourth round pick Kirk Cousins.

Gruden has went 35-44-1 with the Redskins, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the first fired coach, he has even admitted he likely wouldn’t be retained as head coach if he doesn’t make the postseason.

Pat Schumur:

Yes, the Giants just hired the very talented offensive coordinator of the 2017 Vikings, however he has not coached up to par on the offensive end. Even though he did a great job with Saquon Barkley last season, the Giants on offense weren’t that good. They were 17th on offensive yards per game, 22nd on 3rd down conversions, 9th in pentalties, and with the personal the Giants had on offense, they did not play well.

The question for the Giants is Pat Schumur the guy who can develop Danielle Jones? If John Mara thinks he is, then I can see Schumur being safe this year. But, Schumur has not shown that in New York.

Jason Garrett:

As an Eagles fan, I actually think Jason Garrett is a good coach. His job in developing Rayne Dakota Prescott and this young offense is very impressive. Garrett also has won coach of the year and has been the head coach in the Pro Bowl three times which definetly helps his legacy. Garrett has also went 77-59 as head coach of the Cowboys.

He has done a good job with Dallas, however, he hasn’t shown that he can lead the Cowboys to the Super Bowl. Jerry Jones is getting older, and he isn’t alright with just ok, he wants another Super Bowl before he passes.

With Jason Garrett back at calling plays for the Cowboys, and with the personal the Cowboys have, he could make another playoff apperence. But, is that enough to keep Garrett as coach of the Cowboys?

Doug Marrone:

I really like Doug Marrone as a football coach, I thought he should’ve gotten the Jets job in 2015, and he did a good job with the Jaguars in his first season, leading the Jaguars to the AFC Championship game. However, his team fell apart this season, the team seemed to lost a lot of maturity and fell apart.

Another reason why I think Marrone may be out, is another person inside of the Jaguars coaching staff may actually be a better coach than Marrone. John DeFilippo was the Vikings OC last year, and even though he got fired, the offense did well for a first year in a new system. I could very well see Coach “Flip” get the Jaguars job if the team as a whole doesn’t play well, but the offense does.

Kliff Kingsbury:

This one may be the most bold prediction for coaches, but I could very well see Kingsbury being out the door if everything fails. I think Kliff Kingsbury being hired by the Cardinals was one of the worst coaching hires in NFL history, he got fired at his Alma Mater, and had a terrible record vs good teams in college.

If Steve Keim gets fired, I could very well see the new GM of the Cardinals, wanting a new face of the franchise, which could mean Kliff could be fired. Also, we have seen another team have two one and done coaches (49ers.) It wouldn’t be too crazy to see Kliff be on the outs, if the Cardinals fail.

Other names:

There’s a few guys who I could see being fired/retired, I didn’t list them because I don’t see that happening, but it could.

Matt Patrica, Mike Zimmer, Ron Rivera, Freddie Kitchens, and Adam Gase

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