Not So Sunny in Phoenix

Let’s just face the facts here. The Suns are very far away from being what the league would consider a contender. This team has so many problems it would take hours to list but I believe step one is actually creating some ball movement within the offense. Devin Booker absolutely lit up the scoreboard this week with consecutive 59, 50, and 48 point games while shooting over 50%. Where was the rest of the team at? The answer was standing around watching their star try to carry the load. This off season Phoenix has to start accessing the multiple problems within the organization or this rebuild may be over before it truly started.

The Draft

The Suns should have a top three pick in the 2019 NBA draft. I believe they need to draft a young guard that can create ball movement while also being able to hold their own on the scoring end. I believe Ja Morant could be the pick that can solve a few of the problems Phoenix is having. We have seen in the NCAA tournament that he can make others around him play above their skill level. He has massive on court leadership as well which is a key asset missing on this team. To top it off he can create his own shots in crunch time as we saw during his triple double performance in the tournament (first triple double in tournament play since 2012). If the Suns choose Morant then ball movement and overall leadership should take a huge step game one next season.

Moving Forward

The odds of the Suns landing top free agents is virtually ZERO. They will need to figure out which young talent they need to keep around moving forward and who is expendable. Devin Booker, Josh Jackson, and DeAndre Ayton are the three young pillars I would say you cannot move away from during this process with Booker being the superstar of course. While guys like Kelly Oubre and Mikal Bridges have shown flashes in the 2019 season they may be more valuable as trade pieces moving forward. It is time for this organization to actually take initiative in building a TEAM. Having individual young guys with zero flow on the court will not work. They are 17-60 for a reason. Another season of mediocrity will most likely end in the fan base completely giving up hope on the Phoenix Suns.

Now if the Suns somehow land the 1st overall pick and get Zion then all bets are off. For now we have to look at this as a three to five year process starting with the steps above. It all starts draft day and for the Suns fans sake I hope they make the right pick.

Article by: Dalton Smith @GoldenBoy615 4/1/19

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