Reaction To The Giants Week One Loss To The Cowboys

I guess I was a little over zealous and high on all the young talent the Giants have. I think this game wasn’t a total loss but clearly the Giants are on a different talent level than the Cowboys. Wow that really hurt to type. But now I have to be realistic. I saw somethings I like and a lot more that left me scratching my head. I’m going to start with the coaching. 

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Pat Shurmur’s play calling was pretty terrible. How does Saquon only get 11 carries!?!? Back to back plays on 3rd&1 and 4th&1 and he doesn’t touch the ball? What gives? James Bettcher’s Defense didn’t look great and I will chalk some of that up to the talent and youth of the defense but going with Antonio Hamilton over DeAndre Baker is inexcusable. Baker got burned by Amari Cooper sure but that’s gonna happen Cooper is a Pro Bowler but I guarantee Baker wouldn’t have let Randall Cobb throw him like a rag doll like Hamilton did. I think Ryan Connelly definitely deserves more opportunity as well. I think the offensive play calling needs to improve as well as the personnel decisions.

Another huge concern is still the pass rushers. Dak had all day in the pocket! He could have hiked the ball, tied his shoe, got up, and still had plenty of time to survey the field. This was a huge concern coming into this year and will remain one until either people take a huge step (quickly) or we bring in some premier guys.

Now that we got that out of our systems let’s turn our focus to the positives! 

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The Offensive Line 

The offensive line is drastically improved from a year ago. Eli had time and Saquon had actual running lanes! It’s a breath of fresh air to finally see actual blocking. I can’t wait to watch the group improve as the season progresses but loved what I saw.

Evan Engram 

Engram figures to be a huge part of the Giants offense this year and he showed every bit of the reason he was a first round draft pick against the Cowboys. He compiled 11 receptions for 116 yards and 1 touchdown. That was the kind of day I was hoping for Engram and it’s a great sign moving forward. He will be a huge weapon this year.

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Now onto the Bills. Sterling Shepard is battling a concussion so stay tuned for the important players to watch in this weeks match up preview! 

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