Start/sits week four


QB: Kyle Allen, Carolina Panthers. Hey, why not? He absolutely toasted the Cardinals secondary and threw for four touchdowns. He is playing in Houston this week and their secondary is nothing to rave about. These Panthers WR’s specialize in run after the catch which will give the QB even more points.

RB: Leonard Fournette, Jacksonville jaguars. I am not the biggest fan of Fournette because I have questions about his dedication to the game and to his team. He has a match up with the Broncos this week whose defense hasn’t forced a turnover or recorded one sack this year. The defense isn’t necessarily bad they just haven’t been able to get the job done. With both the Jags and Broncos QB situation not being the best, I look for both teams to lean on the run. 

WR: Tyler Locket, Seattle Seahawks. Kyle Allen destroyed Arizona’s secondary so what do you think Russell Wilson will do? Locket is a down field threat and can score from everywhere. Wilson will be looking his way often because the Cardinals can’t cover. 


QB: Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles. Wentz has been a pretty good fantasy QB this year, but he has a match up on Thursday night football that isn’t favorable. The Packers defense is nothing to play around with. The Eagles are all banged up and Wentz doesn’t have anywhere to throw the ball. I have him on my fantasy team and I will be adding Kyle Allen in there and giving him a shot.

RB: Nick Chubb, Cleveland Browns. Chubb plays a stout Ravens defense that leans on their offense to keep them off the field. The Ravens will run up and down the field chewing clock like its nothing. The Browns will have to throw it to their playmakers to try and keep pace. 

WR: Robert Woods, Los Angels Rams. Woods was the go-to target last year when Cooper Kupp was hurt but this year, I think there is just too many mouths to feed. Roberts should make for attractive trade bait with him playing for the rams and I suggest you try and move him. He is getting targets and touches, but he isn’t turning them into anything. On his best days he is a flex start when he should be a good WR 2 for Jared Goff.

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