Why the Jets should can Maccagnan and hire Douglas

Maccagnan has made some good moves as GM and bad moves, is there going to ever be another chance where a strong candidate with a proven track record in Joe Douglas will be available.

Free Agency:

During Mike Maccagnan’s tenure, there has been some good free agency signings, but some very questionable ones.

For example, giving Marcus Gilchrist who did not preform well for the Jets, a four year deal worth 22 million dollars now looks very questionable, and to release him during his contract and having a dead cap hit is a huge blemish on his record.

Another questionable decision that Maccagan has done as General Manager of the New York Jets is, giving Revis a 5 year deal worth 70 million dollars. Revis in his prime was a very talented player for the Jets, but when he was with the Patriots and Bucs, he wasn’t as talented. I could’ve seen the Jets signing him, but at 14 million dollars APY, that absurd!

Coaching Hires

This is in my opinion, the best thing Mike has done with the Jets, is in this off season, hiring Adam Gase. Though Adam Gase got fired in Miami, he really didn’t deserve to be fired, Gase exceeded expectations with this roster, going 23-25 in three years, and having a roster that isn’t one of the best in the NFL. Gase knew how to coach guys who maybe weren’t the best.

Adam Gase went 20-6 in games that were 8 points or less, and was able to beat the Patriots when they went to Miami.

I gave the Jets an A with Gase’s hiring, and he was the #2 best guy on my board in the coaching carousel this year ( Bruce Arians was #1.)

Another great thing about the Jets coaching staff this off season, was Gregg Williams, I had Gregg as my #5 best coach available this off season, and if “bountygate” didn’t exist, probably would’ve gotten a head coaching gig somewhere else. Coach Williams was a great hire for the Jets defense.

The only blemish on Maccagnan was the Bowles tenure, I think that Bowles was a good coach and I’m not going to blame him for it. But Chan Gailey and Jermey Bates are blemishes on Maccagnan’s record as General Manager, the Jets needed to find an elite offensive coordinator to pair with a defensive coach to help Petty’s/ Hackenberg’s/ Darnold’s development.

The Draft:

Mike Maccagnan has made some good picks with the Jets, turns out that most of them were when the Jets had a top 6 pick. Yes, the first pick does matter the most, but you need to hit on the other picks. If I count hi picks from 2015-2017

In this 2015 NFL draft, the Jets only made one good pick in my opinion, Leonard Williams out of USC, but, he fell to them, and the Jets got lucky. Other than that the Jets wasted their picks with Devin Smith, and Lorenzo Mauldin IV.

In the 2016 NFL draft, Maccagnan made three good picks, drafting Darron Lee was a good pick for the Jets, even though the team, seems to want to trade him elsewhere. In the 3rd round, the Jets drafted Jordan Jenkins, who has been a good value pick for the Jets and should produce in 2019. One of the best value picks was Brandon Shell, for a 5th round pick, Shell has exceed expectations, is projected to start for the Jets next year. Other than that, the draft was pretty bad.

In the 2017 NFL draft, the Jets made two picks, but the rest of them weren’t good picks at all. The safety tandem the Jets took in the first and second round, have been very productive for the Jets so far, but I can’t give a lot of love for the Adams pick, because he fell to them.

Overall, the Jets made good picks early, but they couldn’t find any gems with the other picks.

The Verdict:

The Jets have had a lot of money and picks to be a playoff team already and have not executed properly, that is solely on the General Manager. In the next part, we will look at Joe Douglas and why he is a great option for the next Jets general manager.

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